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Vedic Vastu Software Professional Edition

Approx Price: Rs 23,600 / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Product Details:
  • Brand: Parashara
  • Software Version: 2.0

Parashara Software proudly presents Vedic Vaastu 2.0, the long awaited Vastu Software creating vastu compatible layouts. Based on classical vastu scriptures and backed by extensive research, this software provides the complete interactive solution for Macro and Micro level vastu applications. It encompasses the richness of the classics and provides access to powerful tools for vastu application in customized layouts.

As of today, this is the World’s most comprehensive, innovative, interactive and user-friendly vastu software. We are confident that this would meet all your requirements and keep you updated with the latest developments in the vastu arena.

Salient Features

  • Uniqueness: Ekasheetipada grid placement and direction tilt consideration are the basic premises for any vastu layout
  • This is the only Vedic Vastu Software that provides the choice of multiple options for grid placement, outer pada extension and direction tilt consideration in the layout
  • Accuracy: The software calculates direction tilt up to the minutest degree with the highest accuracy
  • The ekasheeti pada grids, plot dimensions, aayadi calculations and directional auspiciousness are also accurately presented
  • User Friendliness and Interactivity: The software is user friendly and allows a high level of inter-activity
  • Designing layouts and placing entities and objects by simply clicking on their icons makes it all so easy
  • Objects can be easily resized, rotated or moved by a right click
  • Fully Customizable: It is fully customizable and a range of calculative, display, print, color, explorer, report and font options have been provided
  • It accommodat the different needs of Vastu practitioners following different methods of grid placement, outer pada extension and direction consideration
  • Facility to select the preferred option for the grid and direction in the layout
  • Variety of combinations that emerges out of this is not only amazing but truly very comprehensive
  • Vastu Grid Method: It supports a choice of three different methods to draw Vastu grid - Circumscribed, Inscribed and Actual plot area with or without pada extension feature
  • Marmas are the vital energy points of Vastu and are derived from the intersection of the six diagonals in the Ekasheeti pada mandal
  • Placing the mouse pointer over the Marma Sthaan indicates the tentative position in the Current Position field in the right end of the Toolbar
  • This comes in very useful while designing the layout and placing entities and objects
  • Aayadi Calculator: It supports a detailed Aayadi calculator with auto converted hasta and angula measurement units
  • Apart from the Aayadi Shadvarga (Aaya, Vyaya, Amsha, Nakshatra, Yoni and Vaar-tithi) criteria, there are some other criteria like Dravya, Rina, Yoga, Ayu, Vash Mandal and Tarabala, which also help in assessing whether the specific qualities of a house are in harmony with the owner
  • Defining Hasta in the Aayadi Calculator: It supports an The Hasta measurement is distance of the tip of the index finger and the elbow of the owner
  • The software now allows you to specify the size of owner’s Hasta (Example – One Hasta = 18 inches)
  • This measure will then be used by the Aayadi calculator

Available Languages:

8 Language Version (Priced at 35400/-)

The following editions are also available:
Personal Edition (2 Languages): Rs. 5900/-
Commercial Edition (2 Languages): Rs. 14160/-
Commercial Edition (8 Languages): Rs. 21240/-
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