Dakshinavarti Shankha

The shankhas with right-ward convolution and that open towards the right hand are called Dakshinavarti or Turbinella pyrum Sinistral. In Tamil they are known as valam-puri. These shankhas are rare and are available in white color with brown lines on them that run towards the right or South. The right handed conch bestows prosperity when worshipped. It is placed on a red cloth and worshipped with white sandalwood mixed with camphor and saffron, flowers, rice, incense, and light. The conch can be worshipped as Vishnu and Lakshmi and helps to solve financial problems

This shankha also represents Lord Kubera (God of wealth and prosperity. The sizes differ and can be from the size of a wheat grain to as large as a coconut. Dakshinavarti shankhas are found in the deep seas and are very rare. Dakshinavarti Shanka is available in four sizes viz. tiny, small, medium and large.

It is considered to be very auspicious when kept at any sacred place, or the place of worship, or the locker in the house. It should be kept after being wrapped in a white cloth. This shankha is said to bring good luck and prosperity to the individual and his family. It is the symbol of Goddess Lakshmi and is said to remove sorrow and give intelligence, success, and worldly freedom. Its piousness equals the blessings of the earthly incarnation of Vishnu or Lakshmi themselves. Dakshinavarti shankhas not only bring wealth, but also purify the atmosphere. All the negatives energies are swept out of the place.
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